About Return Gift

Return Gift is a platform for helping the less fortunate by sending “goodie bags” or “gifts” (any sort of donation). At occasional celebrations, common courtesy dictates that we give our guests a return gift in exchange for their attendance. Return Gift was created to essentially model this situation in the sense that we ask you to offer return gifts to those that are less fortunate and unable to partake in such celebrations. A number of us are able to enjoy life’s privileges, such as celebrating a birthday with many gifts, hosting a big party, or going out to eat at restaurants without much forethought. Unfortunately, not everyone is this privileged. Why not gift someone else who deserves it just as much? At Return Gift, we have built a platform that is focused on helping the less fortunate enjoy life’s privileges by offering multiple “occasions” to give a gift to the charity of your choice. We understand everyone has preferences, so we want to provide you with a way to give a gift while respecting your opinion. The smiles that are brought to the faces of those that can afford the small privileges of presents are truly what gift-giving is about. Shouldn’t we share that privilege amongst everyone?
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Let’s take you to a time when you felt stable, be it financially, physically, emotionally, etc. Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to know that someone else shared your joy with you?

The average American family spends about $207 monthly on entertainment, $219 monthly on dining out, and $1050 (at least) during the holiday season. If we calculate how much the average restaurant bill is ($12 per person x 2.58 persons in the average American household), we can see that the average American household dines out about 6 times. If we chose to dine out 5 times instead of 6, we would see that we save about $36. $36 that could help fund for an important surgery for someone who needs it to survive. After saving $36 a month from dining out and choosing to donate that money instead, over the course of 1 year, it would add up to about $432 that you will have donated to charity just by dining in one more time.

Now, wouldn’t that be nice?


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

You do a wonderful job with the kids that require our help and support the people in need all over the globe. I will definitely join you as a volunteer!

Lorraine Franklin

It's always a pleasure to work with these guys - they know what they want and that is why they achieve their goals. Thanks a lot for the team spirit and your work!

Brett Lewis

Your performance under the most trying circumstances was nothing less than exemplary. You are the sole reason our rescue mission actually happened! Cannot thank you enough.

Dianna Young