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COVID ’19 Pandemic

We had been thinking about Return Gift for a while but while living through this world reboot during the COVID ’19 pandemic, this strongly helped our resolve and we decided to expedite the launch of the platform.

Donating to any cause is personal matter and we are not trying to influence anyone or putting peer pressure to contribute to any cause. However, these trying times have highlighted the need to lend a helping hand and be compassionate towards others. Not everyone is born with the same privileges and benefits and some of them have it tougher than the others.

There have been number of programs which are existing and the question may be why another one and our answer is why not. There are so many different grocery stores, department stores and shopping websites and new ones continue to be launched so why does donation need to be subject to restrictions or barriers of entry.

How is Return Gift different? We plan to build this platform which will allow us to get involved and partner with the charities/organizations which do not have the economies of scale and are involved in working at the grassroot level. Return Gift was conceived with an idea of offering donors flexibility of donating to the various causes that they may want to support. As one size doesn’t fit all, same way your donation could have their own niche.

Another question I would like to help clarify is there are number of sites where people can set up their own fundraisers to raise money for a particular charity on their birthdays, people decide to forgo their gifts and instead raise this towards charity. Our ask is not to take away their gifts (if they decide to donate that, more power to them) but what we are asking for is giving small amount on top of your expenses to support the ones who don’t have that special someone in their life.

Our goal is to help spread the message and if we are able to influence few of you to be that knight in the shining armor in someone’s life, we would feel satisfied.

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