Trending of Small Businesses in America: How Can I Help?

As 2020 has taken its toll all over the nation, a sector of our economy has taken a drastic hit and people are
slowly but surely starting to make sense of the importance of small businesses. While countries around the world
have taken their steps to curb the effect of COVID-19 on their nation, America has similarly done so, but with an
unforeseen consequence that could severely impact the state of communities across the countries. As a result of the
global pandemic, over 100,000 small businesses have been forced to shut down completely, and analysts warn that
this is just the beginning of a movement of small-business closures that rivals that of the Great Depression. Small
businesses make up the core of the American economy. In fact, as of 2019, more than 99% of businesses operating
within the United States are classified as small businesses and, as of 2020, contribute to as many as 64% of new jobs
in the nation. These businesses are important because they largely make up the retail surroundings of all of our
communities and supporting such businesses can only better your community. As local businesses are supported by
their citizens, they become more financially viable and reliable, committing not only emotionally to the betterment
of the city, but also economically. Such economic commitments cannot be taken for granted.
The wave of closures for small businesses will continue throughout and even after this pandemic; make no
mistake that, unfortunately, your city is likely to follow with this trend. The fortunate facet of this situation is that
the solution, for most citizens, is relatively simple: buy from local businesses. We live in a day and age where
locating small businesses is literally 24 keystrokes away with the words “small businesses near me”. For those of
you that are interested in contributing more to small businesses around you, we at Return Gift have a creative
solution to offer you: work with us to help donate to charities in the name of small businesses. We offer the simple
option of you being able to help your community in multiple ways with just one donation. When donations are made
in the name of small businesses, it puts a business on the so-called map of American businesses. While your money
will still be going to the charity and aid of your choice, you’ll be partnering to help your community’s local
businesses become more recognized by attributing the donations to them. In this way, you’ll be doing as much as
possible to help keep your community’s small businesses up and running!
Patterns in history tell us that there are moments in time where great change can happen. In the 21st
century, these moments often seem to happen in fleeting hashtags that never amount to much. 2020 seems to be the

year that the issues we’ve swept into oblivion that have not been solved are now being reidentified and dealt with
seriously. History has shown us what happens when we do not take care of our local businesses, so let’s all do our
part to take care of a nation, a state, and a community we love and want to better. Patterns in history can teach us
lessons. Let’s learn them. Start with us, here at Return Gift!

***If you are a local, small business that is interested in promoting your brand, please feel free to contact us to start
a partnership.

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